Residency Life

Meet our Residents!

Work-Life Balance

We work hard, we play hard! Our work week averages 50-60 hours with one weekend call a month, leaving us with plenty of time to enjoy life. We are parents, dog owners, dancers, triathletes, foodies, published authors, and national society office members.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We hope to meet you soon! Please feel free to contact us individually if you have any questions.

Residency Wellness

Our physician wellness committee is committed to ensuring that the needs of our physicians are met both inside and outside the workplace throughout the year.

The committee is comprised of five residents and two faculty members and meets quarterly to discuss issues and plan events. The group is focused on all aspects of physician wellnes s including but not limited to financial success, diet and exercise, teamwork strategies, stress management, and sleep deprivation.

Wellness initiatives:

  • Annual program picnic
  • Orientation team building
  • Mental health support
  • Resident team building retreat
  • Mindfulness and relaxation seminars during didactics
  • Debt management and financial wellness seminars

To learn more about wellness initiatives at UPMC visit the GME Wellness website.

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