Rehab Reels

Conversations on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Hosted by Gwendolyn Sowa, MD, PhD

Rehab Reels is a webcast series hosted by department chair Dr. Gwendolyn Sowa featuring live conversations with University of Pittsburgh and UPMC physiatrists, educators, researchers and health care advocates working on the frontiers of advancing rehabilitative care.

For additional information about Rehab Reels, or to be invited to future sessions, please contact Andy Ziegler at 412-398-3354 or

Past Episodes

Ryan Nussbaum, DO and Dan McCoy – Adaptive Sports
October 18, 2022 – Dr. Ryan Nussbaum, assistant program director for the UPMC Sports Medicine Fellowship, and Paralympian gold medalist Dan McCoy discuss the positive role Adaptive Sports and fitness can play in the health and well-being of individuals and athletes with disabilities.

Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu, MD, MPH – A Holistic Approach to Sports and Spine Medicine
June 8, 2022 – Associate Professor Dr. Yetsa Tuakli-Wosornu discusses issues of trauma and adversity in amateur and elite sports, and a holistic approach to sports and spine medicine.
The video is available to view here.
Christine Paul, PsyD, ABPP – Rehabilitation and Mental Health | Coping with Disability
March 21, 2022 – Dr. Christine Paul, assistant clinical professor and clinical director of Adult Inpatient Rehabilitation Psychology and Neuropsychology, discusses the important role of mental health during the rehabilitation process.
The video is available to view here.
James Eubanks, MD – Perspectives from a Chief PM&R Resident
November 22, 2021 – Dr. James Eubanks, current Chief Academic Resident at the UPMC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency program, discusses his personal and professional journey into physiatry.
The video is available to view here.
Allison Bean, MD, PhD – Frontiers in Regenerative Rehabilitation
September 21, 2021 – UPMC physiatrist and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine assistant professor Dr. Allison Bean discusses promising research in the area of Regenerative Rehabilitation.
The video is available to view here.
Lee Fisher, PhD – Advances in Biomedical Engineering and Neuroprosthetics
May 24, 2021 – Research scientist and assistant professor Dr. Lee Fisher discusses developments in bioengineering and neuroprosthetic technology at the University of Pittsburgh Rehab Neural Engineering Labs.
The video is available to view here.

Betty Liu, MD – Acupuncture and Wellness
March 16, 2021 – Dr. Betty Liu, UPMC Physiatrist and Co-Director for PM&R Medical Student Education, discusses the use of acupuncture and a philosophy of holistic medicine to address treatment approaches associated with chronic pain.
The video is available to view here.

Debbie Tan, MD – Rehabilitation and Medical Complexity during COVID-19
January 26, 2021 – Dr. Tan, Medical Director of the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute at St. Margaret, discusses the medical effects of COVID-19 and the role of inpatient rehabilitation in treating medically complex patients.
The video is available to view here.

Kentaro Onishi, DO – Advances in Sports Medicine
November 17, 2020 – Dr. Onishi, Director of the UPMC Sports Medicine Fellowship and University of Pittsburgh Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Innovation, shares the latest research in ultrasound-guided interventions for sports-related injuries.  
The video is available to view here.
Wendy Helkowski, MD – New Directions in PM&R Education
October 14, 2020 – Dr. Helkowski, Residency Program Director and Vice-Chair for Medical Education of the UPMC Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, discusses the current landscape and future direction of PM&R Education.
The video is available to view here.
Amy Houtrow, MD, PhD – Health Disparities
September 8, 2020 – Dr. Houtrow, Chief of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Services and Medical Director of the Rehabilitation Institute at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, addresses the importance of health care equity, especially among children with disabilities.
The video is available to view here.