Diversity & Inclusion

The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is committed to the promotion of equity and inclusion at every level of our practice. We practice value-based medicine and at the core of this philosophy is the belief that every one of our team members is essential and deserves respect and support. Harassment, discrimination, and microaggressions have no place in our department. Any member of the leadership team or the Diversity and Inclusions Committee can be a resource to help you if concerns arise. More than that, we are here to make sure our Departmental culture is responsive, aware, and open to change. Please tell us how we can make a positive impact on your work environment, clinical practice, and patient care. We mean it when we say we want you here!

The Department's Diversity & Inclusion subcommittee members are: 


Allison Bean

Jessica Jarvis

Brad Dicianno

Amy Letteri

Lee Fisher

Betty Liu

Wendy Helkowski

Gwen Sowa

Max Hurwitz

Jerrold Yeo


Derklerk Ngankam

Merna Naji

Isaiah Levy

Nick Race



Wendell Robinson



All staff, faculty, and students/trainees are encouraged to access the following resources for reporting incidents of harassment, discrimination, and microaggression. We have also included a small sample of additional resources in support of diversity, equity and inclusion across UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh.

University of Pittsburgh Resources:
For faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh
Office of Diversity and Inclusion: https://www.diversity.pitt.edu/ for information on diversity and inclusion initiatives, prevention programs, faculty recruitment/retention programs and more.
Incident Reporting: Please use the Pitt Concern Connection, or call 800-468-5768, or text 412-903-3456 to report a bias incident involving a member of the University of Pittsburgh community or University facilities.
Bias incidents may include, but are not limited to, incidents of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation prohibited by our Policies, Procedures, and Practices, including those related to sexual misconduct. You may submit this report form anonymously. However, please be advised, without presented contact information, we are unable to provide follow-up, and the University’s options for response may be limited.
Diversity in Research: Pitt's Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) offers resources for researcher training, subject recruitment, and community outreach through its Community PARTners core.
GME Resources:
Medical students, residents, and fellows can access the following resources in addition to those listed for Pitt
GME Diversity and Inclusions Initiatives: For more information about GME diversity resources and initiatives please go to  https://www.upmc.com/careers/gme/diversity-inclusion
GME Hotline: The GME hotline is a website or call like for reporting incidents of discrimination, harassment, or mistreatment. Call 1-844-GME-4DOC An anonymous drop box is also available on the GME website (https://www.upmc.com/careers/gme/about/contact-us).
School of Medicine Ombuds Office: The School of Medicine Ombudsman’s office provides a safe, welcoming, confidential, and unbiased setting for students to relay their concerns and explore options available to them for informal resolution within the School of Medicine. Students may contact the Ombuds Office to discuss difficulties that have been unresolved elsewhere (such as the Offices of Learning Environment, Student Affairs, Medical Education, or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) or directly if for any reason they are fearful, embarrassed, or unwilling to contact those offices.
Coalition of Residents and Fellows of Color (C-ROC): If you are interested in learning more or joining an existing ERG, contact inclusion@upmc.edu.​
UPMC resources
For duly employed faculty or staff solely employed by UPMC
Incident Reporting:  Faculty and staff can contact the PM&R human resources representative Heather Reading at 412-647-0795 or whitehl2@upmc.edu
UPMC Compliance Hotline: An additional reporting option for UPMC employed faculty and staff with an anonymous reporting option Compliance Helpline or by calling 877-983-8442
Staff Reporting: If a member of the staff wishes to report a University of Pittsburgh employed faculty member, they may contact:
Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives at UPMC. For more information about initiative and practices please visit the Diversity and Inclusion website. https://www.upmc.com/careers/gme/diversity-inclusion or contact inclusion@UPMC.edu.
Employee Resource Groups: Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are networks of employees that form based on shared characteristics or backgrounds, sponsored by UPMC. ERG members often share common ties, including their job roles, background, ethnicity, race, gender, etc. ERGs can serve as a forum for: Community-building, input to improve employee, patient, member and community experience, engagement in business opportunities and challenges.