Our Mission

To maximize the health, function and well-being of the people and populations we serve by providing the highest quality rehabilitative medical care, conducting highly relevant, cutting-edge research, and training the next generation of clinicians and researchers.


Brain Injury Medicine: (ACGME #3474134001)
Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine: (ACGME #3464131017)
Spinal Cord Medicine: (ACGME #3454113017)
Sports Medicine: (ACGME #3424134013)


The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine provides physician services to UPMC Rehabilitation Institute throughout the UPMC health system.


November 2015
Tracy Knippel, MD, 3rd year resident is awarded the AAP Electrode Store Best Paper for "Ten year trends in pediatric inpatient rehabilitation: predicting length of stay and rehabilitation outcomes using WeeFIM data." Electrode Store Award plenary session is scheduled to be presented at the 2016 AAP Annual Meeting in Sacramento, February 20, 2016, 10:00 – 11:00 am.

September 2015
On September 12 the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute and the Pittsburgh Mighty Penguins sled hockey team took to the ice to celebrate the opening of the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex. The event raised money for the Mighty Penguins’ organization to continue funding this competitive sport and the people with disabilities who compete in it.

Low-income children with mental disorders who are eligible for federal benefits may not be receiving them. Amy Houtrow, MD, PhD, MPH, and vice chair of pediatric rehab medicine was a co-author on a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering  and Medicine report about low-income children with disabilities and mental disorders. ...read more

Matthew Diamond, recent research assistant to Dr. Amy Wagner, will be presented the Epilepsia Prize at the 31st International Epilepsy Congress in Istanbul, Turkey in September...read more...



Our physicians and scientists in both clinical and research settings have presented several podcasts and presentation on various PM&R subjects. Discover what people are talking about.

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