Our goals are to exceed our patients’ expectations and maximize the health, function and well-being of the people and populations we serve.

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The Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine provides physician services to UPMC Rehabilitation Institute throughout the UPMC health system.


January 5, 2015

Dr. Amy Wagner, Research Chair of PM&R, was among distinguished Pitt faculty elected to the first class of the University of Pittsburgh's "Honors College Faculty Fellows." The inaugural group of Faculty Fellows comprises 46 faculty members drawn from 26 departments in seven schools across the University of Pittsburgh...read more

December 17,2014
The Journal of Neural Engineering published results of Dr. Collinger's continuing work in brain computer interfaces used in controlling an advanced robotic arm. Reports from various news outlets can be seen...here.

November 14, 2014

Dr. Gwendolyn Sowa is the 2014 recipient of the PASSOR Legacy Award and Lectureship and will present at this year's AAPMR Annual Meeting in November.

Dr. Prakash Jayabalan, Academic Chief Resident, has been chosen to present during the "Best Neurological Rehabilitation Research Podiuim Presentations."

For a full list of presentations and posters by faculty and residents please click here.



Our physicians and scientists in both clinical and research settings have presented several podcasts and presentation on various PM&R subjects. Discover what people are talking about.

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